Larp 4 life

Larp4Life is a youth exchange for 11 days with 28 participants between the ages of 16 to 28 and from the 4 different countries Norway, Germany, Lebanon and Palestine. The exchange will be held in Norway from the 11-21.7.2017. It is organised by a group of young people from different countries between the ages of 18 and 25. The topics of this exchange are live-action-roleplay (LARP) and cultural understanding.

In this youth exchange we want to provide young people the opportunity to learn from each other without cultural and physical borders and to be able to gain knowledge and methods to improve the situation for children and young people in their local communities including those with limited opportunities in Palestine and Lebanon.

The objectives of our project are that young people will learn to create children’s LARPs, increase their self-confidence, get an understanding of the cultural differences of the participating countries and create international and national friendships.

To accomplish this, we will use a wide variety of non-formal learning methods which will include live-action-roleplays (larps), icebreakers, team building exercises, workshops, theater training, interactive talks, discussions, cultural exchange, time with children and outdoor activities.

We believe that the youth exchange will accomplish these objectives and that the participants will create LARPs as an secured and supervised form of play for children in local and regional communities, train interested groups inside and outside the organisations and promote awareness of children’s LARPing and its use by different interest groups in local and regional communities.

The desired impact at national and European and/ or international levels is the creation of a working example for an international youth exchange organised by youth and funded by the Erasmus+ program.

If you have any questions concerning the project and want to get in contact with us feel free to drop us an email: